Avoid Negative Feelings

Many paths to follow and confussion invaded my mind for many years

     We are never prepared to accept those hard situations we are meant to face in our lives. I thought I was the only one who doubted the existance of God after many disappointments I had to confront. Then, I made up my mind and decided to embrace hard moments as a phase to learn. This way, I was able to extract the positive aspects from them. And, guess what? Voilà… Every little thing started to change for good. Improvements are always welcome, don’t you think?

     Our state of mind helps a lot, and it is certain we must organize our ideas carefully. However, there are always unexplainable forces which guide us to become better people. Probably, it is a higher entity guiding us. As we all know, these ascended beings always want to get the best out of us. Turning our backs to them should not be a choice. My advice here is:

Next time you doubt about yourself, just follow the voice of your heart!


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