I got the impression Earth is spinning faster these days. I have never had enough time to stop by and think deeply about feasible explanations to why I did certain things. Anyway, here I am ready to tell you about an interesting insight I had today. 

     To start the day, I tried to do many things related to my job. However, nothing seemed to work. So, I took my time and had a deep breath. I chose to open my eyes well in order to discover what destiny has prepared for me. In this quest, I started to do the house chores while I made up my mind. I really wanted to have my ideas clear, but allowed many distractors to excuse myself for not doing so. Guess what? After managing to efficiently cope with every little detail at home, I discovered the main problem was connected to having the wrong idea I was unable to run a house. I never trusted myself and heard so much criticism. Being in a hurry never allowed me to realize about this issue. I think, it was the main reason why I never took the chance to living by myself. 

     And I suddenly got the answer I was looking for. I had created my own barriers justified in the fact I considered myself to be a chaotic person. Most of the times, who you think frantic is just the one who helps to keep balance in many people’s lives. Sometimes, we are so busy we do not pay attention to what we can learn from our environment, even from things present in nature such as little kids, animals or plants. After distinguishing this, I decided to be prepared for whatever challenge comes to my life. I just did what needed, and never recognized the importantce of having my brain at a consciuos state. If I did not understand that, my own evolution process would never start.

          After all of this, my findings can be summarized this way:

  1. No matter how scared of living alone you are, you would only be able to know how strong you are by making an effort and trying. By giving yourself such opportunity, you are going to determine if you are good enough to successfully achieve your tasks. Even when you feel alone, there is no need of having anyone around to talk. Nobody represents better companion than yourself, but you must be aware of your own mental power. When you keep your brain busy thinking about positive things, God will never leave you alone.
  2. Some people will never find perfection in ideal things, they will always feel disatisfied. Do not make the same mistake. Everything depends on your inner peace. Peace is in your mind and heart. As I usually say, the only way to go to bed without any regrets or worries is to act well, and you will wonderfully rest.
  3. We do not need anyone or anything, not even being at a specific place to feel joy. If you are open enough to appreciate and learn from every single detail that comes to your daily life, the process of spiritual growing will go smoother.

     I do not criticize my past, just the other way around, I feel pleased I could notice the fact that being still is a form of movement. This whole situation made me think clearer. Maybe those moments we consider a waste of time are led by light leaders teaching us a lesson. It is up to you if you get upset and worried about superfluous matters like outer beauty or money.

     If you choose to take a moment for meditation, learning and giving value to life, you will probably get some new ideas that can motivate you. And probably, you could feel like a valuable person in this complex world. It is worth the try, right? Appreciate little details and avoid being so selfish to impede yourself reading between lines. Being kind and warm hearted will lead you to becoming the person of your dreams.

Enjoy Easter!!!


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