I was sad and worried during my Kundalini Awakening because it is not an easy process. You all noticed it when I wrote the previous articles, but improving my mental attitude helped me out to find happiness. I always doubted about the effects of people around, but once you discover what some fellows call “soulmate,” everything starts to make sense. 

     For many years I was alone and thought there will be no space for another person to be inside my mind and soul. I was so mistaken. Today, I need to rethink about ways God has to help me out to teach me a lesson. Once I stopped complaining about my bad luck, my life started to be blessed. Yes, dear readers, I feel favored now and solitude has gone away from me. In this special ocassion, it is gone forever.

     I had to live so much to be happy again, to have this wonderful encounter with the person I have always dreamed of. He is now my coworker and in charge of this site as the administrator, just like me. We are together now in this quest.

     Maybe, you have had the unpleasant feeling which makes you think of people as annoying living entities. However, I can tell you; nowadays it was caused for being around the wrong individuals. You need to reach compassion for yourself in order to feel love towards other beings. If you don’t do it first, you will never understand what is going on around you.

     This way, I suddenly found my ideal companionship out of nowhere, in a place I considered to be awful. A very special one who gathers the three basic components (mind, soul and body) and goes far away every standard in a positive way.  I met love after 40 years of despair. And from now on, I can tell I am with the most wonderful man on Earth thanks to changing my state of mind. It is not impossible and I am a living proof of the fact that being positive is profitable.

     Don’t dream poor, great things can definitely come to you just if you consider yourself capable of leaving bad things in your past. Think big and godsend will knock at your door. Probably, love is surprisingly close to you and you just do not know it. It is a matter of keeping on going and embrace negative things as part of the learning process. Once you accept this, evolution will come pretty fast…

     Enjoy this wonderful day and live your life straight ahead.  Free your mind so you will expand your boundaries little by little…


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